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Paul Wesley is a fine art photographer based in Sydney, Australia. His interest in photography developed at an early age with the gift of a box camera.


Since 2005 he has dedicated himself to photography as an art form and is continually seeking to progress his work.


His passion is combining models in unique landscape locations, both natural and man made,  to create intricate and emotive images that are beautiful in their harmony.

Photographers that he finds inspiring include Jeanloup Sieff, Bill Brandt, Lucien Clergue, Helmut Newton, Russell James and Lee Miller.

Memberships include the 'Australian Institute of Professional Photographers' and the 'Australian Photographic Society'. 

His work has been exhibited in galleries and at photography shows.


A number of his works have been awarded and published.  



Photographer in front of the camera

Being the model for other photographers and artists
As a photographer this art photography experience has provided me with a valuable insight and perspective
f the photoshoot environment and conditions when 'in front of the lens'
I appreciate the artistic creativity, collaboration and work effort that a photographer's model contributes to
the shoot.  



Myself as a participant - Bondi Beach 2022
(Photographer -Spencer Tunick)

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