Body painting.jpg

Recent Work

I recently had the great pleasure collaborating with the very talented Alessandra on my flow theme imagery.


On this page are several images from this photoshoot.


To view more of Alessandra's other modelling work - Instagram @ale.aglio 

Alessandra Chocolate sauce.jpg

Chocolate sauce

I kept chocolate sauce as a condiment for Alessandra to use in the flow theme imagery until her return from overseas. 

Golden Syrup 

We also used Golden Syrup in the flow theme imagery. I have used honey on a previous photoshoot and found Golden Syrup to have a darker amber colour and thicker consistency.

Syrup on hip.jpg
Red flow low key.jpg

Acrylic paint  

A number of different coloured paints were used for the flow theme imagery. I find that acrylic paint has a darker colour and thicker consistency.

Body painting 

Colours were mixed for body painting and low key lighting was used for the bodyscape imagery.